The man of the house


The man of the house


Hussein Bashir is a 10-year old Syrian boy who approached Caritas Center asking for help.

Caritas staff was overwhelmed by Hussein who has been taking the responsibility of his family including his blind father and 7 siblings with a 4-year old sister who suffered from diabetes.

They lived in a small house with 120 JOD per month. “I and my younger brother go out in the streets daily to sell biscuits in order to provide our family with food” says Hussein. “I heard our neighbors talking about a Center that helps needy people, so I thought that I come and ask help for my family”.

Caritas field team paid a visit to Hussein house and provided them with blankets, mattresses, a heater, food voucher a month with a (40) JOD amount in addition to covering the house rent for at least 3 months.

Hussein the 10-yeard old who is supposed to be now, like any regular child in his age, to be enjoying his time at school, or playing around with his friends or at least just sitting home safe, is now the Man of the house whom the crisis in his country obliged him to grow-up too soon and endure the harshness of life!


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