“This is a nightmare… We will wake up soon to find ourselves in our beloved Syria”


 “This is a nightmare… We will wake up soon to find ourselves in our beloved Syria”

With this sentence, Ismail Ahmad Al Ajrab started his chat with the caseworker at Caritas Center in Zarqa area, “I feel sometimes that I am just sleeping and going through one of the nightmares that most of us can sometimes see, but the difficult situation strikes back again to convince me that this is our reality now”.

Ismail, a 30-year old Syrian refugee, escaped from Homs, Syria 8 months along with his wife, Jihan, and three boys; Rafiq, six years old, Mashaal, four years old and Yousef 1 year old.

“I was arrested for 4 months back in Syrian and managed with a miracle to escape with my family to Jordan” says Ismail.

With the help of some Syrian families who arrived to Zarqa area previously, Ismail knew about Caritas Jordan Center there. He went there and was registered by the caseworkers.

“I am really happy to be received first thing by welcoming people and I feel serene to do this chat with you and speak with someone who listens patiently.” Ismail tells the caseworker. “I couldn’t believe that I will be given help and in different aspects at one time, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much Caritas”. He adds. Ismail received food voucher, blankets in addition to milk formula and diapers.

“I can’t wait to see the expression of my kids when I take them to get new clothes for them with the voucher I received.” Ismail concludes.



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