Restaurant of Mercy

Restaurant of Mercy

Caritas Jordan is an organization that knows no borders, goes beyond color, race, sex, religion and even culture. This organization which carries a message and not just a job, is proud of its forty-eight years of presence in Jordan in a good and generous country that has in its history many unprecedented success stories.

When we talk about giving that emanates from faith, when we speak of the desire to create a balance in our social balance, when the spirit of development, voluntarism, hard work and perseverance are strengthened, when you see a smile shining on a pale childlike face, when you respond to a mother's plea who lost hope to save her family and who is collapsing, and when humanity is reflected in the individual to embrace his close brother, there is no doubt that we are talking about Caritas which works day and night throughout the globe for the sole purpose of "serving man, human dignity, human development."

The year 2015 marked the launch of a new project, "Mercy Restaurant", a project launched by Caritas Jordan and the Latin Bishop in Jordan, to be one of many initiatives undertaken by Caritas to stand by every marginalized and weak man.

The restaurant provides 500 meals a day, where anyone can come for lunch for free. The restaurant also provides meals on request to associations, churches and centers that wish to provide food to a number of needy people in several areas of Amman.

On Wednesday, 23 December 2015 and in the presence of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Patriarch Fuad Al-Tawal, the Mayor of Amman, Mr. Aqel Beltagy, the Restaurant of Mercy in Jebel Al-Weibdeh was inaugurated. It was established by Caritas Jordan in collaboration with the Latin Patriarchate in Amman.

“This day has been chosen to coincide with the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad and the glorious Christmas “, the Mayor said. This celebration is majestic and is a true translation of the common life in Jordan between its various sects," he said. "Mercy is not strange to Amman. The activity of Caritas reflects spiritual purity and patriotism. He added that while the Prophet Muhammad was working hard to secure his bread, Jesus was looking for the poor and the untouchables to offer them solace and healing. He called on the people of Jordan to be united in the face of those who want evil. He pointed out that Caritas is working to institutionalize good deeds, adding that Jordan, represented in the king, the government and the people, celebrate the birth of the Prophet and the glorious birth that brings everyone together to love and mercy.

The Director of Caritas Jordan Mr. Wael Suleiman said that this day has brought together love and compassion, a festival in which human brotherhood is intertwined. He added that Caritas, the arm of the Church in social work, seeks to lift the pain of every suffering and refugee, regardless of religion and race, pointing out that Caritas' winter campaign has supported more than 10,000 families in Jordan.

Mr. Wael Sulaiman said that the Restaurant of Mercy is open all week days and it offers 500 free hot meals daily, enriching for charity.

During 2017, and every year, Caritas Jordan has been launching mercy and love campaigns love during the holy month of Ramadan to support our people, support every needy person and participate in living this month with the principles of mercy and brotherhood.

The campaign was launched this year from the Restaurant of Mercy on the first day of the holy month by preparing Iftar meals for the fasting brothers.

Last year, the restaurant distributed and secured Iftar meals throughout the holy month of Ramadan with the participation of many volunteers from the country's nationals, in addition to volunteers from different nationalities. The volunteers’ number reached 300, who were part of the restaurant team, helping to prepare meals as 100 meals were served on a daily basis.