Volunteers Center

Volunteers Center

Caritas Jordan has succeeded in disseminating the volunteerism concept, putting an emphasis on the social voluntary work as an integral part of elevated thoughts and youth free will in changing realities and social aspects of life.

The Volunteers Project aims at involving a vital segment of the population – the youth – in the development process of their communities. The program has developed a network of trained volunteers possessing the ability to work in diverse socio-economic settings, and thus have become responsive to the up-and-coming needs in the country.

After Fifteen (17) consecutive years of the program's implementation, Caritas Jordan is committed to continue the enhancement and empowerment Volunteers Center by developing the programs associated with the sustainability phase and implementing its strategy that consists of six approaches: Parish Service, School Service, Civil Service, Parish Credits, Social Service and Emergency Response -Support.

Since its establishment the volunteers’ program’s scope of service broadened and now includes a network of (30) parish committees which extend to more than (45) parishes serving (55) areas, with an aim to serve the community’s needs. The program also includes (25) high schools, with an aim to serve the needs of the civil society.

Caritas Jordan volunteers’ network includes (3000) volunteers. The number is comprised of the total number of the direct beneficiaries including; volunteers (international, local and committee members), local faith based institutes’ members, and students (be it in universities or high schools). Caritas Jordan hosts Youth Camps

Caritas Jordan hosted 22 youth from an Italian group of young people called “Non Dalla Guerra - No for War” who came to Jordan for three consecutive years and were engaged in different forms of voluntary work with the community and the refugees at Caritas Jordan Center’s and projects.

The first of three camps took place in Jordan for the summer of 2017 took place in the City of Al Salt at the Latin convent between the 22nd and the 1st of August, the second was held in Madaba Province at the Latin convent between the 02nd and the 10th of August with 27 participants and third in the South at Ader Latin convent with 25 participants.


Caritas Jordan volunteers’ center took on the role of organizing, implementing and supervising the program of the camp with the participation of the local Caritas committee representative and three volunteers from the volunteers’ center as well. These camps that focus on the concepts of social and voluntary works while believing in the importance of peace and love to prevail in the communities and the world throughout working together. The activities included Syrian refugee family home visits, conducting interactive activities for the children of the non-formal schools for Syrian children with the participation of Jordanian students as well, providing assistance for Caritas Jordan’s Al Salt center and running their day to day work tasks besides working at the Garden of Mercy where they assisted in different tasks including: the designing of Mosaics, the production of material including (soap, wood crafts and food items), in addition to their packaging.

Youth World Peace Forum 2017 “Now is the Time”

Once a year a growing number of peacemakers are invited to present their projects and ideas, their efforts and ways to build a more peaceful world. This year the World Peace Forum is too Place in Jordan, Madaba between the 22nd and the 23rd of September, 2017.

Caritas Jordan Volunteers’ center lead the needed preparations for the forum.

More than 1,000 attendees including 400 young participants from 40 countries convened at the American University of Madaba for the two-day event to share their personal experiences and plan initiatives to contribute to a more peaceful world.

This forum served as a platform for all peace initiatives by the young generations so that all youth and regardless of their backgrounds can share their experiences together.

The event which was celebratory in its nature include artistic contribution from different countries, on stage

interviews and testimonies of peace.

During the event, several institutes held workshops to spread awareness on the value of peace and “spread the seeds of love”.