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Program and Projects


Caritas Jordan is now an effective and vital organization that contributes to poverty battle and strengthens the development of the Jordanian society through different sectors.

It served around (450,000) persons in the year 2014 according to the following programs and projects:


Caritas Jordan provides humanitarian assistance and services in response to the various needs of the different target groups of the Jordanian society those vulnerable and needy regardless of their nationality, religion, race or color. The services varies as the following

Caritas Jordan Sectors:


1. Medical Sector: provision of Primary health care through CJ medical clinics and centres in addition to Secondary health care as outpatients and inpatients Tertiary health care, provided through Caritas Jordan medical partners, Medical awareness, Medical equipment and supplies, in addition to Mother and Child Health & Nutrition Care; refugees Pregnant and Lactating Women- PLW and Children under 5 years-CU5 are received in CJ clinics and be provide with routine check-up by CJ GP’s and referred to Gynecologists and Pediatricians, Pregnant women will be assisted with hospital deliveries, either normal or caesarean births, or with necessary curettages. This assistance also entails conducting health-related awareness sessions, providing proper nutrients among other basic items such as milk and diapers, hygiene and relief kits.

2. Educational Sector: provision of academic, learning and educational opportunities services such Formal education, Non-formal / Informal education, Pre-school learning, University loans, Life skills training for adults, besides catch-up classes for those who lost track of state formal education as well as remedial classes for those who have learning difficulties, slow learners and those who need shadow teaching and Education for Disabled.

3. Humanitarian Assistance Sector: provision of Food and Non-Food Items, cash assistance, Home adaptation and In-Kind donations for Jordanians and non-Jordanian beneficiaries. As part of a humanitarian response to those women urgent new-born needs, Caritas Jordan will provide refugee infants of the assisted refugee women with medical check –up cost and vouchers, enabling mothers to purchase infant formula, nutrient baby food and diapers through contracted pharmacies.

4. Counseling & Awareness Sector: as part of its protection intervention towards refugees, CJ Jordan provides protection- related services especially to those who are badly affected by tragic events, namely victims of torture, maltreatment, abuses, those who witnessed traumatized scenes especially children who will need care and attention, those who are experiencing terminal medical conditions and lonely persons. The work entails case studies to determine the healing process and needed support, which includes Social Awareness sessions, Group / Individual therapy sessions, Psycho-social activities and referral to other specialized service providers. Caritas Jordan refers advanced case to psychiatrists and psycho-health centers for the advanced treatment, besides referral mechanism agreements with specialized Organizations and institutions.

5. Micro-projects Sector: Caritas has designed its’ own methodology that is based on the needs of Jordanian beneficiaries and Non-Jordanian groups in an aim to promote their own resilience and their coping strategies, in line with the JO-National Resilience plan, which entails three systematic stages: 1) Stage One: Theoretical and Practical skills, 2) Stage Two: Employability and Entrepreneurship skills, 3) Stage Three: Start-up materials and Follow up.

6. Youth Sector: Caritas Jordan made sure to give this sector good attention for the importance it has in building the social and voluntary work and the positive effect it leaves in the society. This sector aims to strengthen the role of youth in the society through developing their skills and potential to create a responsible and mature generation. Besides the aim to introduce concepts of belonging and citizenship while being engaged in social and voluntary work.







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